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I believe all women have a story to tell....

I believe when you embrace our own vulnerabilities, you become stronger. More Powerful. Driven. Unstoppable

I love the moment during a coaching session or in a photo shoot when I get the privilege of witnessing a woman transform in an instant. That second when I show her an image and she suddenly owns her beauty … it is the gateway to giving herself permission to be visible. Or, when she begins to share her own unique ‘Why’ during a one-on-one coaching session and her face lights up because she is on fire and she knows it!

I LOVE helping women create their own, personal visual stories through coaching and photography.

The moments are transformational. This is the magic.


I am certain my eBook will positively impact your life and I can’ wait to hear from you on what happens when you try some of the simple and amazing ideas I share with you in it!

If you are ready to show up, be seen and SHINE as you move forward in your life, fill out the form below and dig in!

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