I believe when you embrace our own vulnerabilities, you become stronger. More Powerful. Driven. Unstoppable.

I love the moment during a photo shoot when I get the privilege of witnessing a woman transform in an instant. That second when I show her an image and she suddenly owns her beauty… it is the gateway to giving herself permission to be visible. The moments are transformational. This is the magic.

Your perfect photography experience could be sleek and professional headshots that show off your entrepreneurial side, a sexy and sultry boudoir session or a celebration of who you are in all your glory, however that means to you. 

I LOVE helping women create their own, personal visual stories through photography. Let’s tell your story.

Right here, right now in this moment, I am signing your permission slip to show up & be seen.




Natural Light



What women are saying…

Atlanta Photographer

“I love taking pictures, but other than selfies I am rarely in them. Since I had a monumental birthday and I am striving for self-acceptance and confidence I booked a photography session for myself. What an amazing experience! I would recommend this to everyone. I felt like a rock star warrior princess! This body has taken me all over the place and produced 2 wonderful offspring and it is perfect for me. I will always be striving for a healthier self but I will also honor the body and the place I am right now.”

- Andie

Atlanta Headshot Photographer

"In the past when I’ve had professional photos taken, I usually ended up liking one or two. A couple of times I didn’t like any of them. With Rupa’s photos, I had so much trouble choosing which I liked best, so I had to buy them all. I swear she casts a magic spell while she works.”

- Janet

Atlanta Photographer

“When I first saw my photos, I thought to myself, ‘I’ve arrived. Empowered, bold, and inspired.’ Rupa had me feeling at ease through the entire process – professional, caring, and on point the all the way! Her reassuring and natural guidance helped me bring out a deeper level of confidence, centeredness, and authenticity in front of the camera.”

- Darshana


Welcome to the studio!

In early 2019, I knew it was time for a new space. Not only had I transformed in my personal life, but my business was transforming too and it was time for a new space that had new opportunity. The Mattress Factory Lofts is one of Atlanta’s best kept secrets. This 1960’s factory has been repurposed into beautiful lofts with huge windows, tons of natural light, and steps away, the gorgeous Historic Oakland Cemetery, perfect for outdoor shots.

Atlanta Studio Shots

Your Woman Redefined Photography Experience includes:


Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I want to capture professional and personal vibes in my session?

We will work together to curate your perfect Woman Redefined Experience, whether that means fun headshots, sexy boudoir, something in between or all of the above. I can make it happen!

Help! What do I wear?

No problem, I can help you wiith that! Not only will you receive a What to Wear Guide, but I will also do an in-home consultation with you so you will have the perfect selection on the day of your session.








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