woman redefined retreat | Mexico

The Woman Redefined Mexico Retreat is a super intimate experience for one or two select women.

We will have conversations and teachings around self love, self care, mindfulness, and owning the power of being seen and showing up, in both your personal life and professional life. I’ve done some immense healing and growing (and thriving) and I want to share with you my process so you, too, can embrace your own personal power and feminine divine.

Over dinner, lunch and even while laying at the beach with drinks in hand...let's find the joy, celebrate and discover you and help you create your forward moving magic!

And you want to talk business, strategy and solutions as well?

We can do that, too! Because as I have learned, life and business are interwoven in the most beautiful way and I want to honor that for you.

There will be a personalized (bomb-ass!) Woman Redefined photo experience in MEXICO with me! It will be transformational beyond measure and created just for you!

So if you are ready for a transformation, ready to step up and and show up and be seen in your business and life in a way that you will never forget, let's do this!

You’ll get:

  • coaching around self love, self care, mindfulness, owning your power and showing up in both your personal and professional life

  • lodging and meals

  • a customized Woman Redefined Experience

  • a new lease on life

I can't wait to do this with you!

If you are interested, click below and I'll send you details.