holly bretschneider

"The past few years for me have been all about increasing my clarity around who I am and the value I bring to the world through my business Blue Sky Business Academy. 

I have found that my gifts and talents lie in helping others to get clear about who they are and what they truly desire, and then empowering them to create authentic success — leading a thriving business and a fulfilling life by sharing their gifts and talents in a way that is aligned with their heart and soul."

One of the ways that I do this is by sharing my journey as a business owner and modeling what is possible.

As I began the process of rebranding and updating my website to reflect the expanded version of myself and my business, I knew I needed to update my photographs. But that posed a huge challenge. You see, for me, having professional photographs taken has always ranked right up there with bathing-suit shopping — an experience of pure torture as I am forced to come face-to-face with all my perceived flaws and fears about how others will view me.  

But I knew I could not preach to others the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone and into your power when I wasn’t doing that myself. About that time, I began to see business associates of mine posting their beautiful images taken by you that really captured the essence of who I knew them to be. 

That’s when I knew I had to book a Woman Redefined session with you. And, despite all the fear and dread that rose up inside of me as I anticipated the day of my photo shoot, I actually found myself having fun with it — lots of laughter as we navigated costume changes, location changes, and wilting heat and humidity. 

Of course, the proof was in the pudding. Would I like any of the images that you would send to me? Would they capture the “real me” that I wanted to convey to the world? 

I am thrilled to say that I really liked many of the images and there were two in particular that made me want to shout, “Yes, that’s me!” as soon as I saw them. It was so amazing to see all the feedback I received when I started to publish those images, especially the comments from the people who know me best saying how well the image reflected the essence of me. 

Thank you, Rupa, for beautifully capturing my transformation as I stepped outside my comfort zone and had more than a few chats with my fears . . . for images that authentically express the me I’ve become . . . and for an experience I can share with my clients and the world in a way that will inspire and empower them to do the same.” 

~ Holly