Darshana Patel

 “When I first saw my photos, I thought to myself, ‘I’ve arrived. Empowered, bold, and inspired.’

I work with subtle energy all day as an energy intuitive, a Reiki Master, and a medium. And I needed new images that reflected my personal and professional evolution. Rupa was the first person I thought of because she has a way of capturing one’s essence on film. She magically reveals one’s soul through a camera lens. It’s exactly the kind of image I need for my line of work.

I don’t get excited about a photo shoot. :) But Rupa had me feeling at ease through the entire process – professional, caring, and on point the all the way! Her reassuring and natural guidance helped me bring out a deeper level of confidence, centeredness, and authenticity in front of the camera. Working with Rupa actually has me saying, “That photo shoot was fun!” And the joy shows in the photos. Thanks, Rupa, for supporting me in leveling up my image!”

Darshana Patel

Host of enLight’n Up, Energy Intuitive, & Medium