celebrate you!

When was the last time you truly took a moment to CELEBRATE YOU?!

Are you ready to throw caution to the wind and CELEBRATE the amazing woman you are becoming?

To CELEBRATE how you are working towards self acceptance, self love, self care AND the badass job you are doing at it?

There is something magical that happens when a woman decides that her body is beautiful and she wants to honor it and herself in the process.

And I love creating a safe and sacred space for my women to feel their true divine feminine. To see themselves as luscious, gorgeous and fierce. And watch them transform how they feel about their bodies and their powerful selves.

I love watching them unleash their inner goddess.

And I say this all the time but I really mean it -- one of my absolute favorite moments in a session is when I see a woman go through her own transformation in front of the camera. That moment that she says, “Oh wow, I am beautiful!” or when the tears start flowing from the joy and bravery she knows she had to muster to get in front of the camera to start her journey of self acceptance.

This is the magic.

I want ALL IN on this with you.

Are you ready to step into your own bright, brilliant light and SHINE?

Own your BODY and HONOR who you are becoming?

Be courageous and bold enough to honor and celebrate YOUR own badass self today?

It’s time, isn’t it?

I would be honored to work with you and help you create your legacy.


We cannot be held responsible for your new sense of confidence, self worth & total feeling of badassery during and after your experience!

A love note from a client…

I could use a ton of words like it’s ‘sexy’, ‘flirty’, ‘elegant’, ‘lotsa’ fun’, ‘self-fulfilling’ to describe the experience. (And it is all these things and more!) Or I could talk about how you get to sip Prosecco while getting your gorgeous makeup done and how we go over the wardrobe details so when you show up for your shoot, you already feel more confident and ready to show up and shine.

But instead, I’ll let one of my badass clients, Andie, tell you about her experience. Andie wanted to celebrate her 40th birthday and create a true self love, self acceptance experience, so together we created a ‘Celebrate You!’ photo shoot filled with glam, a touch of boudoir and allowed her to embrace her beautiful self with a nude series as well!


There are no must-do’s in a Celebrate You experience.

It is all about how you want to honor yourself. Don’t feel comfortable going nude? I’ve got you.

Prefer to do a few gorgeous gowns and maybe a tiny bit of sexy bra with a sheer top? I’ve got you.

Ready to throw caution to the wind and do all of the above. I’ve got you.

So are you ready for a photography experience that allows you to embrace every gorgeous curve of your body, feel fabulous, confident, beautiful and maybe even a little bit (or a lot) sexy? And most of all, an experience that brings forth a huge inner shift within, allowing you to begin accepting the amazing woman you are through self love, self acceptance and the seIf care that you so (FREAKIN’) deserve!?

I’ve got you.

a celebration of beauty, resilience & strength. A celebration of YOU.

Your Portrait Experience Includes


My intention for the experience is to create a sacred space for you to feel safe and taken care of so you can manifest your best badass self!

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