Catherine Cassidy

"I don’t usually enjoy getting my picture taken. It used to be out of shyness, perhaps, but it’s more because I never feel like it truly looks like me. Even pictures in the past that I’ve received a lot of compliments on – I never felt like they were ME."

I decided to work with Rupa because I knew it was time to update my pictures once again. I had evolved so much since my last pictures (just 6 months prior!) that I again didn’t feel like they represented ME. Again, they looked good, but they weren’t ME.

I have never felt so comfortable in front of the camera or had as much fun as I did with Rupa. And, of course, the results were pictures that looked and felt like ME. She was able to capture my essence, not just my visage. It wasn’t just a photo shoot; it was an experience. It was me stepping more into my power and out to be SEEN, which is a lot of what I do with my clients. I’m so glad I walked my talk with Rupa!

~ Catherine, CEO, U>Styled