The storm behind the magic.

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Last Spring when I headed up to Asheville, I shared all of the fun stuff that happened behind the scenes. We did have a blast but what you all may not know is that before the magic happened, there was a bit of a storm that didn't seem to end until the night before the sessions started.

Between my little Bella having a seizure to the weather deciding it would be frigid beyond belief (it truly felt like it was -20!) to my makeup artist getting so sick she had to cancel two days before … I honestly felt broken. It was rough but, at the same time, I always feel like it is a bit of a test from the Universe for me on strength and resiliency! And I want to say that I think I’ve been passing each time!

I didn't talk about much of it at the time because I decided in that moment of breakdown, it might be best to exercise self-compassion. Because I’ve learned that sometimes we think that self compassion is feeling sorry for ourselves or staying in bed but it is the opposite! I know now that it is not the pity party that brings me back to self-care and self-love, but instead, action and so that is what I did. 

Sometimes you just gotta put your big girl panties on (mine have ruffles BTW!! LOL) and set intentions and lean into the pain and the magic happens. It really does.

And to be honest, I am proud of myself. I leaned into all that was happening at the time and decided that instead of feeling like crap and in pain (because, in that moment, what would that solve anyway!?), instead, I would be in gratitude for all the things that were available to me. Between the amazing women I was about to work with in Asheville, to a gorgeous house I stay at when I am there, to a loving dog sitter who I couldn’t do this business without, and so much more including the simple, beautiful things like bumble bees and butterflies that grace the garden each day!

And so now this is my practice and I highly encourage you to make it yours.

As I head to Asheville again this September and book more sessions in the Atlanta studio, I am again practicing gratitude and self compassion. It is required of me by my coach (thank goodness) and honestly, my mind and body crave it to get back to balance and thriving. And I am now trying to do it before the breakdown moment(s) and it is feeling more and more like a part of me that is natural and effortless.

And so this is how the magic happens.

And if you are ready to show up, be seen and create your own magic for you and your business, let’s chat so I can share with you how you can book your session with me I’m there in September … I know you will love it!

Check out the details HERE and let’s do this!

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p.s. REFRESHERS — now being offered in Asheville!

This time I’m offering Refresher Sessions as well!! These are for the women who have worked with me already and would love a few more awesome images added to their business profiles!

Refreshers will take place in downtown Asheville ... so a cool new look as well! Oh, a special price just for you as well!

Email me at for details if you are already a client and want some more badassery in your life!!

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So this time, intentions are set, trust is there on growth and movement as I get ready for this lovely fall coming up! Let me know what you are up to and how you are setting your intentions as you move forward and want to show up and be seen!! Can’t wait to hear from you!