Are you up for a little bit of ‘Tennessee Whiskey’?

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You might be wondering, “What the hell is that Blog title all about Rupa!?”

Every time I do an amazing client photo shoot, I expand. In so many ways that you all know I talk about. Usually it is deep and meaningful. And, don’t get me wrong, the session I had with Lisa was all that and so much more, because lately, the expansion has also super light and fun!

I guess that makes sense since I am working on ‘pleasure’ quite a bit right now in my life. From just enjoying the blue sky and fluffy clouds to the bumble bee that comes and says hello, to dancing it out to Joan Jett in the kitchen while I make Bella’s food for the day!

And so when I turn on music during a client session— and, btw, it always goes like this — “So…remember when I said we’d move and maybe dance it out at some point?! Well, let’s do it! What is your favorite song?!” And thank goodness for technology ‘cause all I have to do is look it up and, there it is!

Hit the little green doo-hickey that puts it on repeat and we are ON!

Oh, and btw, my women TRANSFORM in that moment!!! They move, they sway, they laugh and giggle and they sing and dance!!

And selfishly, if I am honest, I LOVE it! It gives me the chance to dance and laugh and get lighter in my energy and the way I work.

Oh and the BEST PART? The images are fucking MAGIC!!

The laughter, smiles, the closed eyes as they get into the space … M-A-G=I-C!

Which leads me to the beginning - the title of this Blog post if you haven’t figured it out was a song Lisa Introduced me to during the shoot. Chris Stapleton’s ‘Tennessee Whiskey’. If you haven’t heard it, the link is below…be sure to listen to it and get ready to sway your body and feel it!

I put that song on replay that weekend after the session with Lisa and it was soothing, relaxing, sexy, soft and even a bit sad. It brought out all the emotions and it was just what I needed.

Atlanta Photographer
Atlanta Photographer

Lisa is doing some big magic with her life and purpose and I consider myself a very lucky girl to have met her! I am pretty sure that there is a trip to Trinidad & Tobago in my future where I will hang out with her and her new circle of friends very possibly sipping whiskey or maybe rum. Either way, this is why I am so grateful for women like her — the magic they bring to me and my life!

The beautiful words Lisa wrote after our session:

My life is transitioning, and after seeing Rupa’s work with other women, I felt it was time to get in front of the camera instead of behind it and place my trust in the eyes of another photographer.

Being in front of the camera instead of behind it is a challenge for me. I was excited because I felt the spirit of collaboration with Rupa and the session was a learning one for me, not just an exercise in vanity. Rupa is a professional with an astute sense of people.

I was largely curious, somewhat reserved and in the end grinning like I have never done before!

Working with Rupa felt like a collaboration, it was fun and I learned so much!

My images were insightful, and sensitive to who I am. Look forward to seeing the final cut!

And a super fun tidbit - here are 3 things that lit Lisa up during our session together.

  • “Swoosh and chicken” — a bit of an inside joke but women that work with me will get it!! : )

  • How to use lighting (‘cause she loves to photograph as well!) and letting go!

  • Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey” goes well with Prosecco and a black back drop! #hellyeah

Atlanta Photographer