Destination: Pleasure.

Atlanta Photographer

Last weekend, I was told to go find pleasure to add to my day…

So I did just that. I put the top down, grabbed a coffee, and decided I’d enjoy a drive with the wind in my hair and the sun on my shoulders and the music turned all the way up!

Destination…nowhere! Perfect!

And as I headed out on my ‘Destination Nowhere’ day out, little did I know that there actually was a destination up ahead (but more on that in a bit.), but what I did promise myself in that moment is that I would do it in a way so it all felt downstream.

Easy. Effortless. Fun.

So I took off and I turned when there were green lights, took the road that had no cars stopped and just drove. It felt amazing!

With music loud, wind in my hair, about 20 minutes out, I heard this loud roar and as I peeked above, I felt like a kid. I was watching this belly of a gigantic airplane above my head and it just felt magical AF! It was as if I had reached up, I would have been able to touch it! 

So I decided to pull off onto the easiest exit and found an open spot to watch the planes. It sent me into a really cool memory and dream space as I heard their roars and started wondering where they were headed.

And that reminded me of how much I love to travel!! I’ve lived in Arizona, New Mexico, and then in Europe in my 20’s and traveled all over and then kept it up in short stints for work which took me to Vancouver, India, and Calgary. And that didn’t include family vacays between Scotland, St Lucia, Mexico, the Keys and many more places over the past many years!

Atlanta Photographer
Atlanta Photographer

And so, then after not traveling because of all the health issues I had had for a few years, I thought about how I celebrated my single-hood and healthy beginnings birthday gift to myself last year to California! And then, of course, as ya’all know, Asheville has been a mainstay for a while now!

So, watching these planes that day got me back to dreaming. And I realized that I want more of this. And, maybe one of these time, to not plan the hell out of the trip. Why not just go!? Kinda like the drive today?

Breathe it, feel it and be all in on being present and in the moment and truly surrendering to being taken care of.

Pleasure at its finest.

Watching these planes and dreaming of more travel also got me excited about the retreat I am planning and out of the blue, I got all these new and cool ideas that I want to do for the women who join me.

I want women to give themselves permission to enjoy, love themselves, their bodies, and find their pleasure and their OWN destination! Which then brought up a thought...can it be that simple!? That pleasure can be found in that stillness and presence of self?

And funnily enough, I realized that is the magic and the tough part all at once. To just be. To surrender. To create everything by creating nothing. To breathe and take up space. 

So my “Destination: Nowhere’ was a dose of all of that and so much more and best of all, it felt blissful and totally downstream. Between the wind in my hair, clouds in the bluest sky and the sunshine blazing down and planes roaring overhead going to destinations unknown, I created a bit of magic in me and for me as I discovered pleasure can exist in whatever I desire it to be.

And now to create that same magic in my business so I can spread the love...And maybe I need to reframe it: Destination: Pleasure.

Yes, that is it. Here we go, you want to join me?

Atlanta Photographer

Ya' ready? Here I go again...

Ya' ready? Here I go again...

What a busy week it has been! I just had my very last photo shoot at my Goat Farm studio and it was bittersweet. I’m going to miss this place! We’ve had some seriously magical and transformative moments throughout the years here. Six years this October I took the risk to get that studio — cleaned it up, had an open house, and got a few renters so I could sustain if needed and I did it!

And so here I go again — in more than one way! I have recently gotten a new studio (next week I’ll take ya’all through some behind the scenes moments with the move … a little scary with new changes but FUN!) because the Goat Farm is going to go under redevelopment and we can’t be there after the fall AND I am making regular trips to Asheville as you guys have noticed!

I know, I know, I might as well just move to Asheville already! And MANY of you actually texted and called me to tell me that last time I got back in March! Evidently, I always say, and have been saying for the past 5 or 6 years now every time I return, “I so want to live in Asheville — maybe one day I will.”

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Vulnerability is a Superpower

Vulnerability is a Superpower

“I resolved to finally have a photo session of my own.

I decided that it was time to “walk the talk”. I was always talking about showing up and being seen but I was also the one that was hiding in plain sight.

The night before my session, I panicked. I felt super overwhelmed, anxious, scared, and vulnerable. I tried to cancel, but that was not an option.

I tried to make sense of my feelings of vulnerability so I could understand why showing up felt so yucky. Why couldn’t I just wave a magic wand and make my anxiety disappear in a puff of smoke? It bugged me, but it made me truly understand the courage and strength the women I work with possess. I see women every day who boldly step through their own fears to start their own business, to get up on stage to speak and find their voice, to have the courage to get in front of the camera like so many have done with me.

And although women have always shared their vulnerability and fears with me before they get in front of my camera, I never truly understood it until I was the one being photographed. Being the photographer on the other side of the lens is a much safer place. Yes, I was empathetic to their feelings, but I never really got it until the day I did it myself.

Vulnerability is a place I don’t like to go. It’s a dark space that requires major trust, and love, and empathy of SELF. Oddly enough, I am amazing at creating a safe space for my clients during a photo shoot. What I had to learn to do was to create the same safe space for myself.”

That excerpt was written by me almost 5 years ago.

And it was eye opening.

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