Sweet Talkin' Woman | A Session with Michaela


When I received a message from Michaela that she was going to Asheville and was thinking of taking “a wander” over to Atlanta for a coffee and maybe also a photo shoot, I was like, “YESSS! Let’s do it!”

The studio was still not 100% moved into but we made it work! I had such fun with her and she was totally up for the music and dance piece I love doing during sessions now-a-days! So we did and the song ‘Sweet Talkin’ Woman’ by ELO made the magic happen!

Working with women like Michaela is such an honor because she found me through Angie Atkinson’s interview with me — Thriving After Abuse and so during session, we shared our growth and new found freedom and celebrated it as well! What beauty there is in that that you can meet someone you didn’t know at all and all of a sudden, through unfortunate circumstances, you create fortunate and respect and love through understanding and awareness of each other.

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Thank you Michaela for coming to Atlanta and hanging out with me and allowing me to show you your beauty and energy and expansion — it means so much to me!!

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This is a little of what Michaela wrote after her shoot with me -

I sought out Rupa and was inspired to want to have a session with her as an opportunity for me to see myself differently at this stage in my life.  I have chosen to hideaway over the past several years and have felt myself becoming more and more invisible as a "woman of a certain age".

I was very happy to meet Rupa after having had a lovely conversation with her on the phone. I felt very comfortable and at ease.

What was going on during the session for you emotionally, personally, on every level? I'd love to know!

The session was comfortable it was easy and although I felt a little "stiff" at times it was quite fun to be made to feel special.

Rupa allowed, through her professionalism and compassion for women, a comfort , ease and flow to blossom

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 You can find Michaela at  Full Moon Sangha on Facebook. She is the gal that is carrying and providing me the beautiful Blue Kyanite that I am now gifting my clients so if you need any magic in your life to that effect, reach out to her!!


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