A love note to my women...

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To all of you beautiful women, my clients, who have trusted me over the years,

I can’t even begin to  tell you how much it means to me your trust in me -- knowing that I will hold a sacred space for you to let you shine and transform. And what a beautiful thing it is to watch and witness when I see you who up and ready to shine, ready to own your beauty, your body, your gorgeous self.

I love it when you see yourself as a woman who is sensual and light and you create a magic along the way. I feel like my job is only to hold that lantern or in this case, capture that beautiful energy of you on camera as you deep down, know how to do the rest. 

Through beautiful, funny, serious conversations and sometimes even trepidation and tears and of course, big vulnerability, you begin to bloom. Then we add movement which I feel as pleasure for our bodies and when I see your face light up and see the laughter and joy, as you close your eyes, sway your hips and body, I see you smile and feel it ALL. 

Atlanta Headshot Photographer

I see the magic in YOU. 

You see the magic in yourSELF.

You light up the room with your swagger and laughter and sense of self. 

I do nothing more than click a button and laugh with you. But I do know now that that my “nothing” is actually “something”. 

It is that connection. The most important thing to me. 

I recently got “smacked” for use of language and I heard from many of you who told me for me to continue being me. The authentic woman who cares, and actually gives a fuck about her clients. And so I will continue to do that.

For what I love to do is all about holding space for you. Capturing you from the inside out - your soul, your essence.

You tell me that it sets you free. You tell me that you no longer have labels. You tell me that you feel seen.

This is the gift you give me. Thank you.

Atlanta Headshot Photographer

Thank you for allowing me to finally be able to claim my “magic sauce” more and more each day.

You are a mirror for me and the gift in that has been mind blowing.

I have learned to give myself grace as I ask you to do same for yourself.

I have learned to honor my body because I find it so natural to do same for you.

And I have learned to love who I am and who I am becoming because of that mirror you have created.

It is my honor to help you redefined yourself and I am beyond grateful to all of you as you have allowed me to do the same.


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