Learning to F.L.Y.


I found a video as I was cleaning out tons of stuff and it made me smile! It was so weird seeing myself laugh and smile and be happy after so long of not! The night we shot it, I cried because I hadn’t seen myself in that space for so very long and I couldn’t believe that it was actually me!

And today, just a few months later, the two words that came to mind as I watched it again, this time with a smile on my face, were: sexy and fierce.

I won’t lie. Sexy had always felt like something or someone I had to be for another person. I think this was my wiring growing up. And then as I started owning who I was and started loving myself more fiercely, like true self compassion and finding voice without apology, this new way of being felt super sexy.

It was now a state of mind that I really never understood or grasped when I was younger. The super cool part of it for me now is that as a visual artist that loves capturing women in that beautiful place when they truly start owning themselves and their bodies, I’m ok with admitting that sexy for me can also come from a dress that feels yummy or a song that makes me want to dance or even a glass of whiskey and sipping it slow in front of a fire. Or just gorgeous laughter from joy and levity.

It is all of that. To me.

And it started with this acronym I found last year that spoke to me in volumes.






It changed the game for me.

So this year, as I still embrace this mantra, and as my 53rd birthday is around the corner, I’m celebrating by creating a super yummy portrait special by the same name. 

‘Are you ready to FLY?!’

Ladies, you can show up in any way you are embracing your self love, your sexy, your fierce.


Bring it.

Let me capture it!

So...are you ready to Fiercely Love YOURself!? 


Details coming this week and you do not want to miss!! The 'Fiercely Love Yourself' portrait special includes a badass experience w me in the studio so you can embrace whatever your sexy and fierce is, entry into a half-day workshop with me (oh that’s a surprise!!) and an opportunity to be in a FLY Gallery Show that will take place at my studio in December!!

Message me if you want first dibs and we will email you details before they go live. It’s going to be f’n amazing and I want you there!!


Atlanta Photographer