Do you give yourself permission to recharge?

Do you look at this time of year as the time to ‘go, go, go’?! Or do you give yourself permission to slow down and recharge?

I’ve always felt like all the marketing for this time of year is all about planning big for the New Year and spending money on gifts and dinners and stuff that we really don’t hold any value on later and it was exhausting to be in that energy space.

So a few years ago, I made a conscious decision to walk away from that energy and really wanted to be present with life and who I was spending time with and for myself.

I started going to the beach around the a tiny, quaint town with ocean air, miles of beaches and stores that were open until 7 (if you were lucky!) and I loved it! And the years I stayed home, I decided that it was still going be time to give myself a break, time to breathe and enjoy and have fun.

And sometimes a recharge can also mean spending time with ones you love and being present throughout the whole experience.

And so after all of my Puparazzi Portraits and Badass Entrepreneur sessions last week, I knew that I would be ready for a little reset and so went ahead and planned a fun trip a few weeks back that so I could spend time with my kids as we did a little holiday hangout in NYC where my son now lives.


It was also really cool because in a busy city like New York, it’s easy to get “lost” in the shuffle of crowds and noise or lack of space so before arriving, I was very clear that I wanted to truly be present for this experience and (yes, I will toot my own here)... I was proud of myself that I did what I promised.

The few days I was there was full of laughter, tears, great conversation, music, meals and drinks and it was wonderful. I came home recharged and ready to go into slow down mode.

And so that is what will happen for the next two weeks …a time to breath and relax. No marketing gimmicks for me. I’m happy to have tea with a friend, cuddle with my fur babies, work on plans for an amazing 2019 (I actually do find this relaxing!), celebrate what a badass year 2018 was for me and reflect on what my word of the year for 2019 is going to be (and I will share with you soon!)

I am so looking forward to be making the time to relax, have fun while still really taking in all that is around me and finding the evidence that life can be easy and knowing that I am worthy of that ease and grace!!

What a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

So tell me, what are you doing each day to find evidence of that ease and grace in your life!? Are you slowing down, breathing and taking it all in? It will surprise you all the goodness that is available to you when you do!

Btw, here is a little post about I wrote on FB when I returned  from NYC - about the practice I am using to stay grounded, create more, ask for what else is possible and stay truly present all at once. I highly encourage you to do it … I promise it is life changing!


“NYC found treasure...a handmade mini sketch journal! Love the details and I am using it as my daily evidence journal ... w me at all times so I can write down ALL the things that are showing up that I might have otherwise taken for granted.

I started this practice a few months ago and the shifts in life and business have been 180. I’ve written everything down from feeling the warm sunshine on my face to a visiting bumble bee who graced me his presence every single day for two weeks to laughter w friends and family to the yumminess of my body as I’ve started healing.

I quickly realized that this practice grounds me, allows me to be always present and in a space of gratitude vs complaining and honor all the “small” things. I’m finding that the Universe follows the whispers and provides the magic that has always been available to me ... and surrendering and releasing to all of it is the key.”



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