Empowered. Bold. Inspired.

“When I first saw my photos, I thought to myself,
‘I’ve arrived. Empowered, bold, and inspired.’”

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Those are the words as written by Darshana after she did her session with me. And I couldn’t agree more! Unbeknownst to me, she herself had taken a hiatus last year and “gone under” for a while just like me and she was on the return and I’m sure you’ll agree, that if it is from just her images along, WHAT a return that has been!

I met Darshana in 2017 as I was searching for peace and so desperately trying to get my intuition back! I know that sounds weird, but there so many parts of me that just thought I had “lost it” somwhere in the abyss that was my life at that point in time.

After my first session with her (I referred to her as a f’n wizard of magic!!) where she used deep Reiki and energy healing techniques with me, I honestly felt like I had resurfaced. I started manifesting my intentions and my body was feeling in alignment again for the first time in ages!

This woman, I told myself, is uh-mazing and I just adored her! Not only because of the deep healing I went through after her sessions with me, but also because of her honesty and integrity as a human being. There was a kindness to her but for me, it also had to do with trust and knowing that I felt like I could trust her with any “crazy” or “weird” thoughts or emotions I was having at the time.

I never once felt judged. Instead, I felt understood and cared for and that was the real magic.

And so last August as I was resurfacing into my own new life after not having been in the studio for over 6 months and I get a message from her asking me to do her photo shoot because of what she sees in my images, I was beyond joyous to say the least!

What a ‘welcome back’ into my business! To be able to photograph this badass woman who I admire and trust and to be able to capture her true essence — that was the best gift I could have been given on my first day back into the studio after a long absence!

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And you all know that I have shared my deep stories as I have gone throughout the tumultuous times and the good times, and I am beyond grateful for the friends and client who were there for the laughter and hugs and understanding. 

And it also reminds me, that my story is not unlike other women's stories. And it also reminds me why these women are my clients. Like attracts like and what you put out there is what you get back.

Law of Attraction in full force.


In Darshana’s words:

““When I first saw my photos, I thought to myself, ‘I’ve arrived. Empowered, bold, and inspired.’”

I work with subtle energy all day as an energy intuitive, a Reiki Master, and a medium. And I needed new images that reflected my personal and professional evolution. Rupa was the first person I thought of because she has a way of capturing one’s essence on film. She magically reveals one’s soul through a camera lens. It’s exactly the kind of image I need for my line of work.

I don’t get excited about a photo shoot. :) But Rupa had me feeling at ease through the entire process – professional, caring, and on point the all the way! Her reassuring and natural guidance helped me bring out a deeper level of confidence, centeredness, and authenticity in front of the camera. Working with Rupa actually has me saying, “That photo shoot was fun!” And the joy shows in the photos. Thanks, Rupa, for supporting me in leveling up my image!”

You can also find more information about Darshana on her website, Unscripted Way. And check her out on The Lighter Side Network as well!

I am truly grateful for Darshana, my amazing, badass client who is full of magic and joy and inspiration. Her own personal story is beyond powerful and inspiring and I highly encourage you to go read it HERE from when she was featured on Voyager ATL shortly after our session. And you’ll see why it is a MUST read and why her session was such a gift to me.


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