Celebrate Yourself!

Nic came into the studio on her birthday.

She told me she was ready to celebrate herself. And it was time for her to do just that. Because over the years, she felt like she had every other name/label bestowed on her — mom, wife, caretaker, sister, etc.

But this photo experience? This was just for HER!


And wow, as you can tell, she not only showed up, but she SHINED!

She shared with me later her deep story growing up around her body and how she felt like she had to hide away certain parts of her because they weren’t “acceptable” and so she never really learned to love those parts of herself.

She also shared with me that for the first time, in a very long time, she felt SEEN.

That made my heart heavy and light all at once. For that seems to be a consistent theme lately for many women I work with during a photo session. They have disappeared somewhere along the way. Life has taken over and their true selves have been hidden. And so it is so amazing and beautiful when I hear a woman say this because I can see it in her eyes and her body — it SHOWS and it is the biggest gift of all — for both of us.


This beautiful woman accepted my challenge to dress her in this gorgeous sari. I didn’t want to do the traditional garb, I wanted it to be a little sexy and mostly make her feel parts of herself she had not felt before.

And unbeknownst to me, I hit a button in her that spoke volumes. She shared her story with me afterwards and it was powerful and beautiful and I believe it allowed her to slowly shed those beliefs about herself that she was holding onto for most of her life. Or at least I hope it did.

As a photographer, I often feel invisible. People see and experience what I do without ever really seeing me. I scheduled a shoot with Rupa because I wanted to experience being seen.

I was apprehensive...and nearly called to cancel. At the beginning of the shoot, I was nervous, but then I started to relax and have fun. The whole experience ended up being awesome, amazing, SAFE...restorative, and joyous. I had a blast!

Wow, there’s more happening than just creating images... Rupa, you are healing women’s souls. May the joy, love, and restoration you give return to you one hundred fold! Love you


Because Nic, you are not only beautiful, inside and out but also a powerhouse of a woman and I hope you see that when you look in the mirror each day.

I am so happy you made the choice to celebrate YOURSELF this year and I look forward to doing this with you every year in the future!!

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