Let's celebrate ALL the things!

Once a while back, I decided to give mySELF a little bouquet of flowers after a good friend told me I was "a gem of a woman.”

It was what I needed in the moment and it felt so good to hear it.

And so I decided to buy the flowers and celebrate that feeling.

I rarely if ever, give myself props for being kind and generous and cheerleader to those around me.

When I saw the flowers, they said to me that it's (more than) ok to celebrate me sometimes. It's also ok when not everyone sees it or appreciates it and as long as I see it in me, that's what matters.


I hope you know that you, too, are a gem and I really want you to celebrate yourself.

If it isn’t something that comes naturally to you, do me a favor and plan it for this week?

I will do the same because to be honest, it is not a natural thing for me either. I am working on it in big ways this year!

It can be a dance party in the kitchen, a dinner date with yourself and a good book or a bouquet of flowers that just make you feel EXTRA!

I would love it if we could be courageous and bold enough to honor and celebrate our own badass selves every single day.


So how about it...should we DO IT?!

And what do you want to bet that in that celebration and gratitude we allow ourselves, things just started happening effortlessly?

The dream you have always had would start to manifest naturally.

The body you saw in the mirror each day would feel perfect and healthy and beautiful.

Abundance will become effortless.

I’m learning to celebrate ALL the things. And I want you to join me.

So tell me...what are YOU going to celebrate for YOUR badass self this week?

Email me and tell me or leave me a note below!


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P.S. I have a surprise for you next week! We are launching ‘Celebrate You!’ by Woman Redefined and I can’t wait to tell you what it is all about! And the BEST PART? I have a crazy amazing special just for you ‘cause you read me each week! Stay tuned!!