Adventures are necessary.

Ya’all, I went to COWGIRL CAMP recently! It brought back all the awesome memories of my younger days when I used to go set up a tent, make fires and get back to nature in a deep and reconnective way.

This time was no different really even though it was done many, many years later! It was a total badass advenutre! One that I am so grateful I decided to go on for myself! 

I drove to Kentucky last week to spend the weekend at Cowgirl Camp at Little Wing Hollow. It was started by Anessa Arehart as her dream has been to connect women organically and to create experiences during the weekend which will do the same.

She had everything from a Birding class to Crystals class to live music each evening under the sunset and stars. What an amazing way to meet other women who are inspired by nature and all things energetic!

Cowgirl camp here I come!! #brownskincowgirl 🤣💗

Cowgirl camp here I come!! #brownskincowgirl 🤣💗

Rupa putting billion year old crystal dust in the fairie garden.

Rupa putting billion year old crystal dust in the fairie garden.

Anessa kept telling me that she was so excited that I was being so adventurous and she loved reading about the many adventures I have been going on lately. I just laughed ‘cause in my mind I was just going to Kentucky and then Asheville and then back home to get ready to go to Boston! But after some thought, I did realize that I have been challenging myself to do some fun and unique things each time. Like tent camping and cooking on the grill for each meal or hiking a few miles in the Blue Ridge Mountains before arriving in Asheville and, of course, staying at that little Hobbit House in the mountains a few weeks ago!

So yeah, maybe she is right on about my adventures! I am seeking fun, connection and a way to get out of my body a bit so I can truly reconnect with myself - kind of like what I have my women do in studio for a photo shoot.

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Ultimately, I guess it doesn’t matter where you go. It is all about the adventure of going and making it happen. Living life and loving every moment of it. And doing it all unapologetically and with love for your higher self so you can feel the peace, the energy, the magic of the night time starry skies and the friendships and connections all made along the way!

What is your next adventure going to be?

I have another one coming up soon — gonna’ share it next time! In the mean time, go take care of YOU and love every second of it!.