3 Exciting Things Happening Now

I am so excited to share with you all the awesome things happening over here at Woman Redefined!

It’s so good to be back after such a long personal break and I’m looking forward to lots of amazing photo shoots and meeting so many of you badass women!!

Here are 3 things that are happening right now that I want you to know about!


(1) Midlife Thriving Summit

I was asked to be a guest in the Midlife Thriving – Health and Wellness Summit. Woohoo!! I’m so excited about what Kwavi has created and wanted to share it with all of you because I think it will be so beneficial...whether you are a mid-lifer or not (btw, I call myself a NEW-lifer because that’s how I DO! :) )

I was interviewed by Kwavi and we talked about everything from vulnerability to nudity -- and yeah, it was so much fun ya’all. And the best part is that I decided to do it on video -- to truly show up and be seen like I ask my women to do!!

We also talked about how to FLY (Fiercely Love Yourself) and I shared a few techniques that have really transformed my life and so be sure to grab a pen and paper when you watch so you can do them, too! You have to check it out!!

Kwavi s a total badass Midlife Lifestyle Coach that turned 50 in March and is passionate about equipping Midlifers with the tools they need to be able to thrive in Midlife. She has brought together more than 25 experts (Physicians, Coaches, Therapists, Beauty experts, Nutritionists to mention a few) including yours truly to provide valuable information that will help you master your self love and self care part of your wellness!

By the way, this Summit is FREE!!!  The Summit begins September 17th– September 27th with 10 days of awesome content you don’t want to miss.  So go check it out and take it all in!

Register for this FREE Online Health and Wellness Summit here.

(2) Factory Editions

Are you ready to show up in ways you've only dreamed about? Are you ready to experience the transformation that takes place when a woman bares it all?Are you ready to unleash your inner Goddess? Are you ready to embrace your femininity to its core and experience a Natural Light Nudes session with me?! I cannot wait to photograph you and create gorgeous images that you will always remember!


Join me on Sunday, September 30th in a super cool warehouse factory space (booked exclusively for your session) in Rome, Georgia for your very own Natural Light Nudes photo experience!

Click HERE to learn more and book your session!

(3) Are you a Woman Redefined VIP yet?

If not, what are you waiting for?!

I recently decided to create a private FB group for those women who want to be a part of a deeper conversation about how to take care of yourself and a space to talk about things when you're just not in that place and need some support!

It’s totally private and the bonus is that you will also be considered a 'Woman Redefined VIP'! And that means you will also have first dibs to all of the fun that will be going on as I move forward. Everything from Retreats, to photo sessions, to live videos on topics that sometimes we can't talk so openly about in the public space!

So come join me in the “Become A Woman Redefined” Facebook Group where we share inspiring stories of women letting go of expectations, loving themselves unapologetically and all things body positivity and self love.

Can't wait to see you there! Go to this link to learn more!

So there you have it. SO much happening and it is just the beginning ladies! Thanks for being part of my journey … it’s time to hold on tight!


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