Isn't it time to start loving the woman that you are becoming?

Last evening I went a little over the top and decided that I was worth it and worthy of a beautiful Self Love Sunday! Rose petals in the bathtub perfumed with essential oils that my body craves along with candlelight, bubbly and chocolate covered almonds.

As I put the petals between my toes, I felt this lovely feeling of peace and calm with a touch of excitement. I realized in that moment that it has been six months since my liberation! (I’m not allowed to call it a divorce anymore and thank God for that!) Six months in my fresh new chapter of life where I’m learning (for the first time in my life) what it feels like to really love who I am and the woman I am becoming. To Unapologetically love myself. To celebrate all of what I love and my wins, however big or small.

And as I had some music playing in the background, I heard the lull of Gerry Rafferty and Right Down the Line ... as I listen to the lyrics it occured to me how much we have been taught to subscribe that in order to be ok and loved, it has to come from another person. I love that song and it will always bring back special memories but no longer do I feel a need to have the love come from another to make me feel beautiful and powerful. I’m not sure why we haven’t been taught that it is ok and actually so important and necessary to love ourselves. Or at least I wasn’t taught that and so here I am. 


I’m not only embracing it, but truly loving what it feels like! I guess there’s always time to change and create a new magic, a new path, right? So I’m learning and in that process, what I’m seeing is a perfectly imperfect woman who is learning to be whole again. To see herself as beautiful and kind and worthy. And to no longer hold onto my story as the truth. I’m making it, finding my way and so damn proud of what I’ve accomplished and all that is coming ahead on this beautiful open road ahead.

Let the new chapter truly begin. I’m ready. 

So I want to know...tell me what are you doing to love yourself and take care of yourself everyday?


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