Are you ready to change your default setting?

Make no mistake, you are not alone when you catch a bad angle in the mirror and trust me, sister, I’ve been driven to tears a time or two myself. You see, I have always been able to see the beauty in other women but when I looked in the mirror, that same beauty didn’t shine through, instead I let destructive thoughts hold my self esteem hostage. I would tell myself I was disgusting, fat, undeserving of the cute top I was trying on. During my transformation, learning to accept my body the way it was played a huge part in who I became.

Once I resolved to show up and be seen, my confidence grew tenfold. My attitude changed, my body felt lighter and all of a sudden, I no longer saw a broken woman with imperfections, I saw a beautiful, resilient, confident woman in that mirror. I embraced the things I couldn’t control. I was no longer angry about my Lyme’s disease. I faced my thyroid issues and I treated my body like gold, listening to it when it called me to move, rest or indulge.


It’s no different with my clients. I continue to see their beauty, sometimes before they even do. I’m able to draw my client’s inner selves out through my photography and the results are incredible. When my clients leave, there is no doubt in their mind that they are beautiful. They leave proud of who they are and who they are becoming and their pictures become treasures they enjoy sharing with the world.

So go ahead, try on that dress, look in the mirror and tell the negative self talk to shut the fuck up. Change your default setting to LOVE your body, not HATE it. Your body is amazing and it can help you do amazing things. Because of your body, you are able to read this blog post, enjoy food, embrace your hobbies, be adventurous AND learn to love that body! If shutting up the negative self talk takes a minute, look in the mirror and tell yourself, out loud, “I am beautiful, I am flawless, I am perfect.”

Then, rinse and repeat. Every single day. Smile when you do it and guess what? You will actually start feeling it and realize that you are in fact, beautiful, flawless and perfect.


That you are enough.

Try it for a week, and message me and tell me how it went. Did you cry, or were you able to even say it out loud, did you roll your eyes or did you smile and touch your body as you were doing it? Give me the deets...I wanna know!