I get the chance to meet some truly kick ass entrepreneurial women! One of them is Vicki. She is an author, therapist and an amazing woman! As I got to know her throughout the day, I saw a beautiful, gentle, compassionate woman who had such a softness about her and it allowed me to see why she is so powerful at what she does. After her session, Vicki had the sweetest words about her experience: “I think you’ll agree that Rupa has a gift for truly seeing the women she’s photographing and bringing out the essence of who they are when they’re at their best and most powerful.”


We played and laughed and chatted throughout the day and had fun (’cause that is what it is all about!). Later, Vicki blogged about her experience and how she wanted her clients to honor themselves and allow themselves to be seen. She offered “10 ways to see and honor yourself, beginning now,” and we think everyone should read them! Here is one of the ten ways Vicki says to honor yourself:

“Think of ways you’ve been “playing small,” and take one baby step toward expanding and stepping out of your comfort zone.”

She goes on to say, “Even if you only do half of these, you’ll notice a shift.”


Remember, being visible is a journey with something new to discover at every turn! Thank you, Vicki, for allowing me to be part of journey!