How do I begin to describe Patricia? Words don’t seem to be enough. She is a bright, shining light. I love this woman! She truly is beautiful…inside AND out!


Vibrant, strong and vulnerable, Patricia is 74 years old and is loving life and I LOVE it!! She she helps women over 50 realize that life is just starting and that it gets more amazing in their 3/4 life phase (her words!) and shows them how to revel in it! To understand why she truly is the “Sage of Age,” listen to the words of this beautiful lady:

“Don’t let your limiting beliefs about aging keep you in locked inside the Cage of Age. I assure you that there is a way out and it begins with your thinking! Your thoughts determine your feelings and your feelings determine your actions.”

Patricia’s photo session was a bit unique as well. We opted to create a Woman Redefined Lifestyle Series for her and it was a blast! This series included images that Patricia could use in her blogs and other media & marketing content so she didn’t always have to go grab stock photography — because I created her own “private stock” photos based on what she wants to work with her women on – meditation, self care, entertaining, having fun at any age and so much more!

This is one of the ways that Woman Redefined creates super personal and custom looks for all of my women who are entrepreneurs because I believe that we have to BE our brand inside and out!

Patricia… your energy and beauty shines so bright…I felt it the entire time I worked w you and after as well! Thank you for trusting me to capture (ALL of) you…it means so much!!