I had yet another beautiful conversation with a client who has decided to finally show up and be seen in her business and her life!

I had the feeling that she needed permission to do a photo session with me and I know this because she has come to me several times wanting to do one and then has talked herself out of it. I was beyond thrilled that she has finally decided to be visible because I also know it is beyond the visibility. This is just the start. I know this and she’ll know it soon enough. I told her that, too.

The more we chatted, it was very apparent the magic that happens when she does her soul work is powerful and life changing. Teenagers listen and accept her into their inner circle.  Adults listen to her speak about a topic that is could be dark and scary but she creates a lighter airiness to it so it becomes breathable, lighter and accepted and understood.

So I asked her, “Do you know the power you truly hold?”

That is MAGIC isn’t it?!

I don’t think she realized in that moment that I started tearing up and that my voice broke a little afterwards.  I wanted her to so badly realize that the power she holds is tremendous. What she is doing – it matters. It creates a new way of living and saves lives.

I have had this conversation with so many women recently. Entrepreneurial women who are kick ass from the outside but so soft and vulnerable on the inside.

Women who don’t realize how much they bring to this world with their passion, creativity, smile and authenticity.

All of the women who call me, who arrive in my studio are all mirrors of me. I am finally realizing this…yes, it’s taken a while…that’s how I roll! I am finally embracing my own power — that power I hold — and it is changing my life.

It is allowing me to speak my truth.

I hold that sacred space for my women during their time with me and hope that they, too recognize what transformation is about to take place within.

It’s beyond the sexy in a photograph.  Beyond the smile and makeup. Beyond the visual story that I take for you.

It comes from that deep part of your soul. Your heart. And that is the Power You Hold.

Embrace it. Love it. Honor it.