This past week I attended an amazing few days of Upleveling!  Earlier this year, I decided I wanted more, wanted to grow, thrive and not apologize for any of it!

I reached out to a good friend who turned me onto Christine Kane who is a mentor to women who are changing the world.  Seriously. They are.

I started reading her Blogs and was addicted and then I subscribed to the Uplevel Your Life Program last fall and it changed my life and my business.

I stopped complaining, started doing.  I was intentional about every part of my life and the power of intention is mind blowing.

In January 2013, I joined her Uplevel Gold program and was immersed with amazing women – smart, powerful, strong, trusting and kind.  I found my home and I knew it! I found a place that I could be vulnerable and still receive support, a place where others remind you about your intention and call you out when you may be veering AND you thank them for it!

Uplevel allowed me to show vulnerability as a woman, a business owner and more powerful, it still showed me that even with vulnerability and imperfect action, I can still build a strong, thriving, purposeful business.

This past week, I was able to reconnect with this powerful group, many of whom I have become friends with in the past year and during the conference, afterwards at dinner, or in the hotel room up until 1 am writing our elevator pitch, I pushed my business to the next level.

I laughed, cried and learned from others.

I think I may have even helped others get some clarity and focus on their own businesses – that is the power of the Mastermind as Christine would say!

And the most important thing I have learned?  That taking imperfect action is so much more important than standing still and doing nothing.  I get reminded constantly that even though I wait for everything to be “perfect”, well, it is just never going to be.  So what the hell, just go for it and do it perfectly imperfect!

And so I have, I did and continue to do so.  I’m proud of myself for just moving forward and even laughing when I send out a mass email with the right date but wrong day — and NO ONE unsubscribes and instead I get a few clients telling me that is what happens when I work until 1 am and for me to take care of myself (seriously, I have some f’n amazing clients)!!

So, with that said, I thought this was the perfect shoot to share with you all on the doing it so perfectly imperfect!  I crack my own whip to be “perfect” with my images – take that back — USED to be!

I now embrace the fact that sometimes when that “moment” is happening, it happens naturally (which is what I want!) and so if I just pull the camera up and although it may not be on the right settings, I just go ahead and go for it.

And so…

Imperfect = my photography here – captured ‘off the cuff’ and unexpectedly as these two just about rolled on the floor laughing – had to get it ’cause it was that important to me!


PERFECT = these two women who are the best of friends and will be like sisters forever.  I love that.

And this is what it is about.


This is for you Christy & Regina — thank you for being so candid with me in front of the camera. Your friendship is so evident and so easy and I loved every second with you two! The laughter, the tears and the energy that changed so quickly once we started photographing – you made my heart feel good and I hope I did the same for you!