I’m in Calgary right now, headed back to Atlanta and before I get back into the rush of every day again, I wanted to write while I was in the moment.  I attended an amazing workshop called the Art of Feminine Presence where I totally got my feminine/sensuality on and heard for the first time in my life that I am a “soft woman”…made me cry and my heart exploded with gratitude!

And in these few days here, I made a decision to commit to the bigger vision of who I am meant to be…through conversations, laughter and tears, I believe I am truly seeing BIG possibilities in my life for the first time ever.

I’ve made a decision to jump out of contentment and into the pool of desire.  Let go of mediocrity and find balance.

And most importantly what I learned from Rachael Jayne during the workshop is:

A:  “Are you more committed to your vision vs. making it a reality?”


B: “Is it time to be committed to decisions & actions to see that reality?”

Interesting concept, yeah?  I’ll talk more about that in another post but let me know where you think you are – A or B?

So I’ve been traveling a lot lately — some for fun and some for work/learning and to be truthful, it can be exhausting between travel, packing and for me, dealing with the food challenges along the way.  So these past few months, I challenged myself to show up and enjoy and have fun everywhere I went! So I have decided to tack an extra day or maybe even TWO onto each trip every time I travel and so yeah, I play a little hooky from work but isn’t that what life should be about sometimes?

I remember when my kids were little and we had a little snow on the ground one morning and their eyes just lit up when they got out of bed.  I got them ready for school and never said a word as we drove to “school” and instead of making a left turn, I made a right turn out the driveway and landed at a shopping center instead of school.

I announced, “Ok guys, let’s go!”

And the kids looked confused like, ‘WTF mom? What are we doing?!’

I jumped out of the truck and announced, “Well, how are we going to play in the snow if we don’t get some proper gear?  Let’s go grab boots and gloves and maybe even a sled if we can find one and then it’s time to play HOOKY all day long and have fun in the snow, drink hot chocolate and watch a movie!”


And so that brings me back to me in Calgary. I brought the appropriate gear (which I didn’t even need because it was gorgeous here!), traveled to the mountains, specifically to Banff National Park on my first day here with a friend who wanted to play hooky with me (yaaay!), and had an absolute BLAST!


It was all about…

Being in the moment.


Letting go of expectations.

Creating a new reality for my life that is bringing in amazing relationships and moments to my every single day that I am blown away by.

Having fun, laughing and being joyful.

It was really that easy.

My photos are below…I hope they make you smile and start dreaming about adding fun and joy into your every day…