So many wonderful thoughts today as my baby girl turned 26. We did a photo shoot a while ago and I finally had a chance to edit them and so a little surprise for you Shivani (finally!) that I hope you enjoy!

But first, some of those thoughts that I had today that I wanted to share with you.  My words, not necessarily poetic but honest and raw as you know I am.

Today as you turn a year older, I can honestly say that I am terribly, terribly proud of you.

And no just because of your accomplishments — and there are many to speak of over the years. You’ve worked hard and been determined and focused and are creating a life that I hope you will find to be fulfilling, joyful and most of all, happy.

I’ve seen you cry tears over sad moments, be goofy like you were 5 again, allow for the fun and silly moments, be so grown up that you don’t need anyone and at the same time, be vulnerable enough to reach out for help.

I’ve seen you turn into a beautiful young woman and it makes me smile.

I want you to remember to always look for your happy and don’t sacrifice that, ever.

Always allow yourself to be vulnerable because that makes you stronger.

Be strong and still allow yourself to listen to your heart and gut because they will always guide you toward that happy.

Be free and surrender the “hows” and “whats” to the Universe and let it take you on the journey of a lifetime.

Have no regrets.

And always smile.

Love you always.