The “Tasting Platter” I received from the Universe.

Freedom and life feel pretty good nowadays!

Freedom and life feel pretty good nowadays!

That song, ‘California Dreamin’ isn’t too far from wrong.  As I sit here on a cold, blustery day in Atlanta, my mind goes back to last weekend and I smile from the memories.

I have been trying to keep the magic of that trip in my back pocket this week when emotional shit has been hitting the fan and it has been a big help. And in those moments where we spiral down a bit, as you probably know, it isn’t always easy to keep the good energy intact.

The sunset from ‘On Top of the World’, Laguna Beach

The sunset from ‘On Top of the World’, Laguna Beach

So I decided this week that I would write out all the MAGIC…however small or big so I could recognize that amazing “tasting platter” that the Universe provided for me.

I wanted to share it with you because for me, it makes it even more real and I also wanted you to get a taste of what I am feeling so it might help you to do the same.

So here is my beautiful “Tasting Platter” I received from the Universe as I celebrated my newly found freedom and 52nd birthday in California last week.

  • An amazing friend who also played dog nanny and took care of my fur babies, Bella (my little senior Boston Terrier girl who needs extra special care!) and my sweet pitty, Nala so I could truly relax and have zero worry the entire time I was away!

  • A super special client who texted me when she found out I was making plans and offered to get me a place to stay through her connections. And, yeah, she hooked me up with the resort of was like I was dreaming!!

  • And from the moment I entered this gorgeous resort -- I was called a VIP, and treated like I was special...still hard for me to grasp but I am working on this (the “special” part)!

  • Being upgraded to a suite, having a gorgeous bathtub where I could continue soaking every night, bag of epsom salts at my tub ready and waiting, and get this...a gorgeous charcuterie plate of 4 kinds of meats and olives waiting for me and a birthday card and gift when I came into my room fit for a princess!

  • Beautiful conversations with so many people over the many days I was there. The couple I met at dinner the first night I was there (I wrote about them in previous post you can find HERE), the Uber drivers who told me why California was the bomb and more personal stories of their lives. Another couple who I had a conversation with during sunset and I found out how they loved their grandkids and loved Laguna Beach. The chats I had with the staff over the few days I was there. All of these brought their own magic and depth that I have really want to embrace and respect.

  • Connecting with women whom I had never met in person and only knew through social media and the ease and effortlessness in the conversations and laughter as if we had done this a million times before!

  • Traipsing down to one of the restaurants at the resort just out of curiosity my first night there and checking to see if I was able to eat in the way my food protocol allowed.  And it just so happened the chef was right there and from that moment forward, he acknowledged my needs, we share some ideas after which he proceeded to whip up ridiculously delicious meals for me with a smile and great conversation for the duration of my stay!!!

  • The gorgeous night sky and ocean waves splashing in as I sat and had dinner.

  • Watching the surfers out in the ocean catching the waves.

  • Seeing dolphins in the water playing.

  • One of my gals taking me to a gorgeous park along the beach and then to watch the sunset from a park called ‘Top of the World’ where we watched the deep, fiery orangish-red sun set over the Pacific and the almost full moon rise above the valley behind us.

  • The chef at WaterMarc going out of his way to make me my version of “dessert” (beef carpaccio & bacon wrapped shrimp w/freshly grilled lemon). And it was very clear that t was done with passion and care!

  • A glass of champagne, a small fire pit and a viola playing on the patio as I watched the sunset in bliss and tranquility.

  • Mornings in my robe, sitting on the patio of my room, breathing in the cool morning ocean air.

  • Little Monarch butterflies on everything - my sheets, my chocolate box, my bathtub - made me smile every single time because I had just finished reading a chapter in Pam Grout’s book ‘E Squared’ and it was about finding butterflies!

Meeting friends for the first time in person.

Meeting friends for the first time in person.

last sunset in cali.

last sunset in cali.

when it feels like you have known a new friend forever!

when it feels like you have known a new friend forever!


I think the biggest takeaway for me in writing this gorgeous “tasting platter” of what I have received is the biggest gift of all in life right now has been being given the ability to be present and available to all of this magic that was created in its own wonderful, serendipitous way.

It is when we pay attention and are present to all of these things is when the real magic starts happening … both on the inside and out.

I’ve learned this and re-learned this through my coach, Mary Houston. We did a session recently where I found myself in this “automatic” mode of what things feel like (so, no real feeling, just logic), instead of really savoring the moments that we are given each and every single day.

The difference is amazing.

It is a practice that takes practice every day and more and more, I find, thanks to Mary’s help, I am able to pull away when my ego takes over and really sink in when things feel good and right and it is letting me dip my toes into that pool of desire that I want in my business and my life!

Can it get more yummier than that!!?!! :)

Look her up (her website is linked above)...she also has an awesome FB group called The Story Slayers and, let’s just say, I’m still working slaying the shit out of my stories every single day! :)

Oh, btw, I challenge you to do the same for your life this week. Grab a notebook or a journal and make your own “tasting platter” of what the Universe has given you recently and hold onto that and be in gratitude for it, give yourself grace for the moments that it may go by the wayside but then bring it back and hold it close and feel the energy of it.


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P.S. Just wanted to share this again because I am in love with it so much!!