The gift I received in California.

My post today was going to be about my adventure as I find myself at this ridiculously gorgeous resort in California celebrating my 52nd birthday along with my newly found singlehood and freedom!

I was gonna talk about how important it is to celebrate yourself (because that is the theme this month!), or how the (super cute) chef made my food specifically for my protocol and then came out to chat (aka flirt) with me for what seemed ages...

But then at dinner tonight, as I was finishing up, I met Deb and Scott.

Deb just leaned over and started chatting with me. And then for the next two hours, we all chatted about so much and I walked away so fulfilled and happy and realized that this was exactly what I needed this evening. Kindness and laughter and deep conversation where I got to know two good humans. They shared with me the depths of what they have been through in the past few years and how they have supported one another and loved each other more because of it.

They are from Toronto, been married for 28 years and lived together for 8 years prior only because she wouldn’t say yes to marriage so he had to keep trying!

Scott builds hospitals and casinos and they both hate camping (“thank goodness,” Deb said, “because if he liked it, I wouldn’t have gone out with him to begin with!”), they love to travel and love their grandchildren. “Probably more than our own children,” Scott said with a laugh, but I’m pretty sure he meant it.

And then he told me how Deb was in the hospital two years ago after they found out she had leukemia. She told me about how he was there for her the whole time and supported her every second with no anger or frustration but with love and compassion.

I found out that Scott almost died last year from meningitis. He said that he used to never be a woo-woo kinda’ guy but this illness changed him forever! How he’s had a shitty year and just this week, the headaches have subsided and today was his best day in 10 months!

We talked about relationships and divorce and what is important in life. Two beautiful strangers reinstated why I take a moment with people. Why I love to take that minute.

And then we raised our glasses and said ‘cheers’ to the fact that all three of us were there, in that moment, on this beautiful night, in this gorgeous space, healthy and well and thriving and enjoying life.

I felt such gratitude in my heart that the Universe put these two beautiful humans in my path tonight. It was such a gift to be reminded of what is important and what actually matters.

For me, tonight, this was the message I needed and I wanted to share it with you all with the hope that you needed it, too.


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P.S. I’ll share more about my California adventure next week...but in the meantime, here is a glimpse of what my first west coast sunset felt like.