I hired you because you aren't boudoir.

Me: “I would love your thoughts on this...do you think I should change my name to Natural Light Boudoir?”

Client: “HELL NOOOO!!! Don’t you dare!!”

Me: “ummm….ok...why? Because you know, Boudoir SELLS! And it is taking a minute for women to get on board with Nudes and even a Celebrate You! Session...so I was just thinking…”

Client: “See the thing is Rupa, I hired you because you were NOT boudoir. I wanted to work with you because of the artwork you create in your Nudes and the joy you bring out in your women during your entrepreneur sessions. And so that is why I asked you if we could create something for me since I am not an entrepreneur, but I wanted a fun session to bring out who I am on camera!”

Me: “Oh, ok, wow. I get it. And I LOVE that!”

CelebrateYou -_0001.jpg

Client continues: “And for me, Boudoir is overtly sexual and I don’t really want that...I looked at boudoir photographers and nothing excited me about that work, whereas, posing nude was real and raw and I knew I was going to get artwork from my session with you. So please don’t go that route!”

Me: “Wow, thank you so much for your honesty and candor! I am super excited about the Celebrate line as well! How fun for women to honor themselves and do the ultimate gift of self care and self love by doing a photo shoot for FUN! You’ve convinced me that there are women out there that want to feel good about themselves, maybe for a big birthday or a new life change that they are experiencing and want to celebrate or maybe there is no reason, just a way of celebrating who they are in this moment in time! YAAAY!! So excited, thank you!”

Sometimes it takes an amazing client who has been following you, listening to your words and HEARING your words resonate within her to make you look at your own truth.

This is probably the best birthday gift I have received this month and I am so very grateful. Staying in my lane, being true to myself and the business and most importantly, being of service to women who are ready to show up, be seen and celebrate the woman they are becoming!

That is the magic, isn’t it?

CelebrateYou -_0004.jpg

So, for my birthday this month, I am doing just that...CELEBRATING!

I’m learning how to celebrate my wins, my life, all the beautiful things around me that make me happy and most importantly, MYSELF!

‘Celebrate’ has not been a standard word in my dictionary for I can’t remember how long. I think I just “moved on to one more thing” once I had done something well and rarely would take a moment to really feel what it felt like to savor the yumminess in what I had just accomplished.

So with an amazing client phone call came two big takeaways -- first that I need to stay in my lane and be ok with what I do because it is evidently pretty badass and secondly, I realized afterwards that celebration is a word that not only do I struggle with but I bet many women do as well so it was clear to me that the one photography line that I had been hiding away for so long had to come to life on my birthday!

CelebrateYou -_0005.jpg

So, I am releasing ‘Celebrate You!’ on October 15th and it will be available for women who want to honor themselves and celebrate who they are becoming! Gorgeous dresses, gowns, beautiful energy and maybe even a girlfriend or two who want to be part of the session with them!

It’s time to CELEBRATE, don’t you think!?


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P.S. and since I’m ready for a dance party, here’s one of my favorites that is so appropriate for this weekend….check it out HERE and have fun dancing it out!