I had the coolest experience last weekend. Towards the end of a photo shoot with my client, Julie, we got to talking about our words of the year and the power of intention, intuition and all that yummy stuff that I totally get excited about! (I DO have the best clients!!) I told her that the word that keeps coming up for me is ‘Connection’.

She says, “Ok, so don’t go anywhere when we get back to the house because I have something for you!” As I was putting my camera gear away, she pulled out a small box and pulled out a little something and said, “Here..this is a gift for you. They say that when the token with your word falls off, you have mastered the intent.”

Guess which bracelet she had in that box of goodies? Yup, THIS one!

Oh, and btw, for those of you who may not know, purple is my favorite color! (I painted my bedroom a beautiful shade of this purple when I turned 15!)

Talk about Law of Attraction!?

I am clearly doing the right thing in my life and attracting the right people into my life. Sometimes I want to say it is an accident but come on, I know this isn’t true and we know THIS kind of awesomeness doesn’t happen by accident!

This word originally came from what others have called my “magic sauce” — it is clearly who I am and what I do.

I connect others. I refer, I talk about other businesses, I engage with all people, I CONNECT and it is does something to my heart each time I do it. It is effortless and fun.

And as I dug deeper a few weeks ago, I realized the word CONNECTION was more than that. WAY more! And that’s also when it got personal.

It was becoming very clear to me that for me, it is about CONNECTION TO SELF.

I connect everyone else, but I deny it to my own self. How many of you are the same? Have you ever thought about what it would feel like to truly create that CONNECTION with your own self?

The day after Julie gave me this gift, I wrote a journal entry and this is what I wrote in it:

I am sure I will add more to it over time but it is a start in the direction I am headed right now and wow, does it feel good!

I am so thankful and grateful for this kind of magic my clients bring into my life! Who knew a photo shoot could bring on such amazing energy for the photographer and the client?! And speaking of beautiful energy, here is a peek at Julie’s photo shoot last weekend. I know you will agree that the magic and energy is evident and radiates from Julie!