Anne Waple 

“As I was building my business and realizing I would need to be more visible, having photos taken became a necessary part of that expansion.

As someone who tends not to enjoy the spotlight, I wasn’t very excited about it though! Rupa made the whole experience not just easy and comfortable, but actually fun! I felt as though Rupa wasn’t just there to help me look good in a few headshots, but to really help me shine - to show a complete picture of who I was.  I was completely thrilled with the photos - blown away actually - that she seemed to capture not just who I was on the day, but who I aspired to be in my work. I right away booked another session so that I could add more scenes and variety. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it really changed my perspective on how I was able to show up in life and business. It was so much more than just ‘photos’.”