Andie Boyd

“I love taking pictures, but other than selfies I am rarely in them.

Since I have a monumental birthday and I am striving for self-acceptance and confidence I booked a “Celebrate You” and “Natural light Nude” photography session for myself. What an amazing experience! I would recommend this to everyone. I felt like a rock star warrior princess! In honor of my fortieth, I am sharing some of the shots. These shots are a documentary of “This is me at 40”. This body has taken me all over the place and produced 2 wonderful offspring and it is perfect for me. I will always be striving for a healthier self but I will also honor the body and the place I am right now. I want to thank all the people who have helped inspire me to be the person I am today (too many to tag). Especially all of my family who constantly encourage me in all my wild adventures. My husband is always by my side during these adventures. Lastly, my children who remind me every day to love the version of me that I am in the moment.”