Amy Behrens

“What a pleasure it was to work with Rupa! From my first virtual contact with her to receiving a drop box of beautiful photographs I can use again and again for years, Rupa was highly professional, warm, and responsive. Several friends and I signed up to have Rupa take our photographs during a retreat and every one of us felt seen and appreciated by her. 

Rupa sent us guidelines to get ready ahead of time, with tips on clothes, hair and more, and then arranged for a terrific makeup artist to prepare us for our photo experience right before our session. I trusted her to bring out my best features and self. We laughed and talked as Rupa taught me how to sit, hold my hands, and arrange myself in various settings, giving clear and helpful directions which showed that she understands women and how we move. I've only had a professional photographer take my business photos once before and this experience was very different because of Rupa's way of communicating and relating with me. She helped me have fun while making me feel good about myself. Even the viewing of the photos right after the shoot was a pleasure!  She used a clear ranking system to help me make decisions quickly and confidently ( a feat in itself! ) and let me feel free to choose what felt right to me without any pressure. I walked away feeling grateful to have spent my morning with her and thrilled to have a set of photos I can now use on my website, business card, flyers and more. I look forward to working with her again when I'm ready for a tuneup in the future. Thank you, Rupa!”