After Hours

I want you to embrace every gorgeous curve of your body, feel fabulous, confident, beautiful and maybe even a little bit or a LOT sexy. It's time to bring the beauty of you from the inside, out!

"Sexy is a feeling...sometimes it happens and you just FEEL it...or when you look in the mirror and say to yourself, 'Damn, I am sexy in this dress!' or that moment you look at yourself and feel amazing and say, 'I totally got this!' and you know you do."

I love the magic that happens during this photography experience -- women really honor their bodies; it allows for self-discovery and self-confidence. Women walk away not only feeling amazing from the outside, but that fire starts happening on the inside during those moments you see yourself as you truly are and that is the real magic!


I cannot be held responsible for how seriously hot you will look and feel on this day!