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I am a woman who loves (adores and craves) helping women show up and be powerful in their bodies, in their souls, and live their best lives because I believe they truly deserve it!

I am also a photographer. And I used to love hiding behind the camera and behind my own magic sauce that has been the result of my own personal health and life journey over the past 30+ years.

And this was the perfect storm that led to what I have created today.

After an emotional and eye opening conversation with a client during her photo session and having the courage to leave a long term relationship that did not celebrate or serve me, I decided that it was time for me to not only talk the talk, but start walking the walk. From broken to courageous, I was ready to shine!

I needed to be visible and open to possibility, embrace my intuition and create my own visual story -- what I encourage the women I work with to do. I wanted to feel safe being vulnerable. And so, my journey began.

'Vulnerability is the New Strong'...became my mantra!'

And my women joined me.

These women include badass entrepreneurial women who want to create their visual story and celebrate the spirit of their brand to the woman who wants connection with her body, learn how to love it fully and unapologetically, feel sensual while finding her true self. All of these women were ready to walk their talk and show up and be seen.

And they have they shown not only beautiful vulnerability, but also the strength and power and value that comes from owning who you are when you make the decision to do it! (Did I mention, my clients are BADASS!?)

And so from creating these experiences for my clients along with made it through my own major health and personal issues, I made the decision to not only survive, but THRIVE! Surviving was not fun and it was time for me to learn how to live my very BEST life because I really knew I fucking deserved it!

So I set boundaries. Embraced clarity. Stopped wanting and started DESIRING. And I surrendered to trust that the Universe ‘had me’ and set the intention to do my genius work, no holds barred!

Working with kick ass women who are ready to own who they are and celebrate that unapologetically … well, that came naturally and effortlessly. And years ago, I realized that it is also what totally and completely lights me up. Witnessing your transformation, badassery, and your desire to unleash your inner Goddess as you embrace all parts of yourself and step into life -- wow -- that is the magic.

And I am ALL in! So READY to do this with YOU!

THIS lights me up. THIS is what fulfills me.

I can’t wait to help you celebrate your feminine divine as you embrace your fierce and luscious self with a Natural Light Nudes photoshoot.

Or let me create a space for you to unleash your inner goddess, love your curves, and learn how to create your own magic sauce so you can live your absolute best life because you SO fucking deserve it with a Woman Redefined coaching program.

Or let’s create your visual story of the energy and spirit of your brand with a Badass Entrepreneur photo session … wouldn’t it be awesome if clients felt like the knew you before they ever met you?!

And by the way, all of this -- vulnerability, showing up, being seen, loving your body -- doesn’t have to always be serious and heavy. Hell NO! What if we decided to make everything we do include the word FUN? And yes, this is so possible because it’s so much about the laughter, smiles, confidence and empowerment that comes from owning who you are and creating your own magic and then going and getting them ‘cause you know you ‘got this’!

I believe that we invest so much of our time and energy on our families, and our communities and taking care of everyone else’s needs, that it is time to do for ourselves! The more I started taking care of me, I realized that I felt better, was more present and created magic in my life that had never happened before.

If you are the woman...

who truly wants connection with your body and to learn to love it fully and feel sensual and beautiful and empowered...

who is ready to walk her talk...  

who believes that self care is an essential in life... 

who is ready to be visible because you know that badass women MUST show up and be seen in order to thrive...

who is ready to leave not just a visual story, but a legacy of yourself and do it unapologetically…

Let’s do this together.

Isn’t it time you invested your time, money, and energy into yourself? Are you ready to show up, be seen, and finally let your essence and your own personal story shine?

I’m so ready to help you … let’s do this together!



Yeah, I get around…


I am certain my eBook will positively impact your life and I can’ wait to hear from you on what happens when you try some of the simple and amazing ideas I share with you in it!

If you are ready to show up, be seen and SHINE as you move forward in your life, fill out the form below and dig in!

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